Future Gel Mattress Cal King Mono

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FutureGel Mattress Cal King Monosystem   72" x 84" Our vinyl and... mehr
Produktinformationen "Future Gel Mattress Cal King Mono"

FutureGel Mattress Cal King Monosystem 72" x 84"

Our vinyl and textiles live up to the highest requirements and are approved for babies, and our phthalate free vinyl is softened with the environmental-friendly softener Mesamoll II from Lanxess Germany.

These are the essential qualities you should be looking for in any mattress. The Future Gel Mattress  excels in all four. The mattress simply displaces to contour to your individual shape and weight, providing the best body support.Reassurance can be set. It does so with the least pressure, maximising your comfort.

The Cover is made with Lycocell from Tencel Austria

The removable zip-off quilted tops can be laundered for better hygiene (replacements are available as required) and the surface will not sag or settle - providing virtually the same support, comfort and hygiene for years and years.

The Future gelmattress is a stable, comfortable, supportive sleep system. It helps us to relax and provides a very healthy sleeping environment.





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